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Please contact SLA to discuss your upcoming needs for a Control Center, Lab, Maintenance Building, Offices etc….. we can help identify your needs, write your RFPs, and develop preliminary costs with our Design Build teammates!

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Smith LaRock Architecture P.C.
5701 East Evans Avenue
STE #200
Denver, CO 80222
Telephone: 303-534-2200
Tollfree: 1-866-534-2247
FAX: 1-303-534-0342
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Add our contact to your phone! Just scan this QR Code.


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Contact Form

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Need more information? Shoot us an email using the form below.  Don’t forget to request a brochure and CD and we’ll send one out right away!  Or you can be old fashion and give us a call, we’re here to discuss your architecture facility needs!

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