We design control buildings for refining, manufacturing, and production operations.

We integrate people process and specialized knowledge to create safe, functional, and distinctive facilities.

Who We Are

Smith LaRock Architecture P.C. is an agile group of design professionals specializing in the integration of Human Factors / Ergonomics with Architecture for the design of Control Centers.  Whether renovations, full building designs dedicated to this use, or Control Suites / Control Rooms, in both blast & non-blast resistant configurations, SLA has the experience needed to make your project successful.

We design these highly specialized centers to support the functions and processes necessary to the operation of manufacturing and industrial process facilities used by Petrochemical/Oil Refineries, Utilities, Mining & Metals, Pulp & Paper, Pipeline Control Centers, Data Center Control Suites, Emergency Operations/Dispatch Centers, Visualization/Collaboration Centers, Social Media Control Centers, and other similar control-intensive structures.  We also design other facilities for our Clients in these markets, providing both blast and non-blast resistant designs including other technical facilities such as Laboratories, Maintenance Facilities, Warehouses, Office Buildings, and similar structures within secure and non-secure sites, and industrial / light commercial sites.

What We Do

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3D DistanceDesign

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Case Study

South Texas Control Room

ExxonMobil Chemical Plant

As an example, a control facility and control room in south Texas was operationally destroyed by hurricane Ike in 2008. Our client, a major petrochemical company, was experiencing significant lost revenue every day the unit was not operational.  Smith LaRock was invited to discuss how we could help.

What started out as a standard interview for SLA quickly changed into a sole-sourced engagement as we were able to quickly demonstrate our 3D process value.  As with all our projects, we came to work.  A two hour interview turned into Day 1 of a 6 day design charrette at their request, culminating in an approved design and the comment that previous design efforts took weeks to complete what we did in a few short days. We contributed to, and achieved, their goal to get them back on-line within 8 weeks saving them millions in the process. Our client had originally estimated that the effort would take over 6 months to remediate / restore operability.  The team’s hard work, organized project management, and expedited project delivery was recognized for their success and Smith LaRock received the Dick Townsend Coin of Excellence from the client.

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