The Importance of Human Factors:

SLA promotes and encourages the integration of strong human factors into the early design process through our expertise in 24/7 ergonomic control room architecture design, and with our association with industry leading Human Factor professionals.

  • Optimize the Human Machine Interface
  • Enhanced Situational Awareness
  • Enhance Safety by Designing for the Health and Alertness of Staff
  • Encourage Collaboration
  • Decision-Making Reliability
  • Leadership
  • Creating Positive Visitor Experiences
  • Improve Productivity
  • Ease Maintenance Tasks
  • Enhanced Employee Satisfaction
  • Increase Recruitment and Retention
  • Change Management
  • Optimization
  • Improved ROI

Breakdown of Facility Costs:

Spanning a twenty-year life cycle, more than $0.80 of every dollar that is spent to design, construct, fit-out, commission, operate, and maintain a Building GOES TO THE STAFF through salaries, benefits, paid vacation and sick time, bonuses, etc. Designing in the industry best practices and good human factors creates the opportunities to achieve the operational goals set on Day 1. Reducing attrition, absenteeism, and upsets, while creating better situational awareness, vigilance and profitability (among other things) simpler change management processes, and ultimately better design results creates better and more successful outcomes. While most firms focus only on the 5% for Design and Construction, Smith LaRock remains focused on the people…YOUR PEOPLE!

  • 82% = People (Salaries, Benefits, Insurance, Taxes)

  • 10% = Technology & Infrastructure

  • 5% = Design & Construction

  • 3% = Operations & Maintenance

Bosti Associates – Kimball Office Furniture


How Do We Focus on People?

We focus on anthropomorphics, space, ergonomics, acoustics, and comfort as well as contrast and brightness in optical issues. We can design first on the macro level then on the micro level in design.

Macro Level Design:

Space Adjacency & Culture



Lighting = Vigilance

Micro Level Design:

Optical Issues

Screen Content & Text Density

The Aging Eye


Our Human Factors Partners:

SLA and HCS have been successfully collaborating on the designs of various Control and other Plant environments together for over fifteen years. We have found that our collaborative skills bring information from a much broader perspective together that enables better design solutions for our shared clients.

Human Factors

SLA & UCDS have worked together on many C2 (*Command & Control projects) over the past decade, helping our clients achieve an improved vision of their operations while creating better control environments

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