We design control buildings for refining, manufacturing, and production operations.

We integrate people process and specialized knowledge to create safe, functional, and distinctive facilities.

 Mike Smith Architects

Who We Are

Michael B Smith Architecture Inc. (MBSA) is Smith LaRock Architecture’s prime contracting sister company for projects with Canadian clients. Established in 2004, MBSA pays GST & taxes to Revenue Canada in accordance with Alberta corporate law.  Owner and Principal Michael Smith is a registered CAN-USA dual citizen, having lived in Canada through 1980, then relocating to the USA. Both Smith LaRock Architecture P.C. and Michael B Smith Architecture Inc. are principally owned by Michael Smith.

For our Canadian projects, SLA operates as a Consultant to MBSA, leading our USA-based subconsultants, while MBSA leads our Alberta-based subconsultants; all our clients receive the same Smith LaRock commitment to quality in this arrangement.

Michael B Smith Architecture retains a Permit to Practice in Alberta, Canada, and works closely with our Denver office location to help execute our DistanceDesign™ strategies. Michael Smith is a Registered Architect with The Alberta Association of Architects.

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