We design control buildings for refining, manufacturing, and production operations.

We integrate people process and specialized knowledge to create safe, functional, and distinctive facilities.


Smith LaRock Architecture strives to satisfy the needs of all our valued clients by providing effective and practical design services while exceeding expectations throughout the process. What many clients may not realize is that there are tens of thousands of decisions that go into a facility design; from basic planning and space adjacency all the way down to door hardware fit and function. We ensure that our clients are involved in as many of the critical decisions as possible, however we have learned that our clients trust us to make the right decisions for their needs including best practices for vigilance and safety, as well as durable, reduced maintenance materials and systems.

“Smith LaRock thought of it before we knew we needed it.”

We organize our methods into a logical and streamlined process that effectively alerts the client to critical decisions, while establishing milestones that keep everyone moving along efficiently. We don’t offer buildings for our clients to buy, we provide a process for our clients’ to work in partnership with us.

Design Services


  • Pre-Design
  • Architectural Design
  • Value Analysis / Engineering
  • Construction Administration
  • Post-Occupancy Evaluations

Human Factors:

  • Ergonomic Assessment
  • Adjacency, Circulation, Flow
  • Acoustic and Thermal Control
  • Best Practices
  • Migration Planning Assistance

Project Management:

  • Open Communication
  • Thorough Project Planning
  • Updated Scheduling
  • Budget Control
  • Weekly Action Tracking

3D Modeling:

  • Conceptual Massing / Planning
  • Parametric Family Creation
  • Collision Detection
  • Renderings and Animations
  • Building Information Modeling

Basic Phases

From Concept to Reality

Pre-Design: 0-15%

Schematic Design: 15-30%

Design Development: 30-60%

Construction Documents 60%+


3D DistanceDesign





Feasibility Assessment

Human Factors Report

Code Compliance Review

Animations and Renderings

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