Our Value Proposition: Why Smith LaRock?

With over thirty five years of combined staff experience producing control facility design projects using AutoDesk Revit BIM and our other 3D design tools, Smith LaRock Architecture has refined a process that allows real-time 3D design to help communicate and gain client consensus earlier in a project: Revit BIM is part of our process that allows a more rapid design convergence and faster consensus: it is a more effective communication tool and puts more information in front of our client far sooner than under a traditional design approach. The resultant benefits to our clients are tighter FEL designs and opinions of cost, allowing quicker turn around and the development of more cohesive construction documents.

Why Smith LaRock Architecture? Because one size fits all is not a successful approach to mission-critical architecture. “You thought of it before we knew we needed it” and “you thought of it so we don’t have to” is what we hear.

Cost Reduction:

Less Redesign

Shorter Project Timeline

Cost Avoidance:

Short Term

Long Term

Design Differentiation:



Architectural Integration:

Best Practices:


Design Services


  • Predesign
  • Schematic design
  • Design development
  • Construction documents
  • Construction Administration

Human Factors:

  • Ergonomic Assessment
  • Adjacency, Circulation, Flow
  • Acoustic and Thermal Control
  • Best Practices

Project Management:

  • Project Planning
  • Open Communication
  • Updated Scheduling
  • Budget Control


  • Facility Assessments
  • Campus Master Planning
  • Human Factors Summary
  • Schematic Design Workbook
  • Code Analysis
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