We work with many architectural consultants in our industry so when we come across exceptionally good people and great firms we think it important to share.  Lorne Bourdo and his team at Smith LaRock continually brought forward thinking concepts to our control center project.  In addition, they have been advocates of our DIRTT interior pre-fabricated construction solution and shared project details in an efficient and timely manner.   Truly, Lorne has been a pleasure to partner with and we look forward to working together with Smith LaRock in the future.

Kathie Funk, Account Executive

Smith LaRock was hired to create a Revit library for our products. The library was recently loaded into our new website, and the feedback on the quality of work on those models has been very positive. We are extremely satisfied with Smith LaRock’s attention to detail and communication throughout that process to ensure the models were as accurate as possible. They did a great job!

Lee Webster

Ergon Mississippi

Ergon Refining, Inc. contracted with SLA to perform IFC design of 2 blast resistant buildings on site at our refinery.  The first was to house our Process Operations Center, Safety personnel, and Operations break and locker room area and the second was a complete re-vamp of our refinery guardhouse.  We received a very high level of service from the beginning over a wide range of fields.  Everything from effective project management to innovative design solutions was handled by first class professionals who were both extremely knowledgeable and personable.  All project deliverables were produced on time with no delays to any project milestones and no effects to project budget.  I would highly recommend SLA to anyone because of their customer focused approach, high quality design work, and exceptional project team.

Stephen Warner, Project Engineer

SLA is very knowledgeable in both theory and practice.  SLA knew inside out and worked along the construction as it progressed.  SLA was willing and had worked extra time and worked outside the requiring time to discuss and resolve countless inquiries on this project.  Your rapid response and clearly clarify the issue as you guys always have done is very impressive. I have been so fortunate to work with you guys.

Pimarn Charnvarn
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